Passion Flower and Anxiety

Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Passion Flower Side Effects

Passion Flower Side EffectsWhat are Passion Flower side effects? Fortunately, there are no verifiable negative side effects to the use of Passion Flower. There are however, some instances where POSSIBLE Passion Flower side effects could arise.


The fact is, people can be allergic to virtually anything. For the average man, a hundred bee stings is not a life threatening thing. For someone allergic to bee sting venom, a single sting could mean death in the worst case. Because of this fact, there is no naturally occurring food that is completely free of the possibility of creating an allergic reaction. For Passion Flower, data drawing a connection between the substance and negative reactions is sparse, but in some cases, anecdote seems to indicate mild nausea or dizziness could occur. While it is possible, the widespread use of Passion Flower as both a food and medicine coupled with the lack of data seems to suggest that negative reactions to the substance are extraordinarily rare.

Pregnant Women

For women who are pregnant, Passion Flower side effects could definitely arise. The single noteworthy side effect for pregnant women is an increase in contraction of the uterus. While reported instances of this are rare and mild, anything that increases uterine activity could work toward the induction of early labor. As a pregnant woman's body chemistry is constantly in flux, the use of any supplements or medications should be dramatically reduced or eliminated. The only exception to this rule of thumb would be those medications and supplements specifically prescribed by a doctor.

Interaction with Drugs

Not all possible Passion Flower side effects are negative. There is some evidence that Passion Flower used in conjuction with a drug called clonidine (a drug prescribed to reduce the symptoms of narcotics withdrawal) actually increases the effectiveness of that drug. As the drug is simply another way to treat the same symptoms that Passion Flower treats and prevents, using both can work for those who are resistant to the drug alone.

Similarly to the narcotics withdrawal drug, depressants like sleeping pills or other sedatives could gestalt with the Passion Flower's effect and become more effective. In the case of sedatives though, the drugs are already so powerful that increasing their effect could be dangerous. Because of the additional calming and relaxing effect of the Passion Flower, those taking any relaxation medication should consult a physician to learn what dosage of Passion Flower (if any) is safe to use in conjuction with those drugs).

Aside from these specific situations, the only reported Passion Flower side effects are the positive ones that make Passion Flower such a favorite amongst natural remedies and supplements - the reductions of rapid mood swings caused by anxiety or depression, the easing of aches and pain, the relaxation of muscles that reduces the chances of a seizure, and the relief from gastrointestinal distress.

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